HowToBuyBitcoin101.com is a basic guide for beginners to get started with cryptocurrency in Canada.

I wrote this guide for beginners after helping a number of friends and family get started with Bitcoin and crypto and recommending how they should buy their first Bitcoin and what some of the associated risks are.

Buying Bitcoin is a risky speculative investment. There are also many scams involving Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

You are responsible for your funds. You are your bank. Educate yourself accordingly.

This website is simplifying a complex new technology (blockchain and cryptocurrency). To help newcomers to the space get an idea of what’s involved and some of the companies that serve Canadians.

I recommend learning as you go. Start with a small investment. Get comfortable moving it around by sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

Google and do research each step of the way to learn more about the underlying technology and to get a better understanding of how and why things work the way they work.

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Founded by Craig Leontowicz (a web developer & designer) in October 2020. Our mission is to create simple, impartial, practical how to guides for beginners learning how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency. We recommend best exchanges, wallets and more. Contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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