Newton Crypto Review

Newton Crypto Review

I am writing this Newton review after using the exchange for over a year. I have read the the good and bad reviews on Reddit and social media, this has been my experience buy and selling crypto on Newton.

This review will breakdown what you should know before signing up for Newton.

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Shakepay vs NDAX?

Shakepay vs NDAX

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Debating between Shakepay vs NDAX?

I’ve been using both these exchanges for over a year at time of writing this post.

If you are buying crypto for the first time and wondering if Shakepay or NDAX are safe and legit exchanges — the answer is yes.

I would recommend both exchanges to friends.

It would depend on what coins you are wanting to buy, how much you are wanting to invest and how what type of trader or investor you are to determine what exchange in best to use.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each exchange to compare from my experience.

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Crypto Gift Guide 2021

If you are looking for a gift for someone that is into crypto and you have no knowledge about crypto — this gift guide is for you.

The main issue that most crypto users have is securing their wallet ‘seed phrase’ or ‘backup keywords’.

These are simply 12 or 24 words that need to be saved in the real world with no connection to the internet.

These words need to be protected against hackers, theft, flood, fire or other natural elements for potentially decades into the future.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts like trying experimenting with different ways to best back up their digital assets.

Spending more money does not equal more security. All these products basically do the same thing with slightly different features and use cases.

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How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in Canada

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Netcoins – founded in 2014 is crypto exchange based in Vancouver, Canada that has the option to buy Bitcoin and few other cryptocurrencies with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

  • minimum purchase is $71
  • uses third party called Simplex
  • Purchasing cryptocurrency via credit card does not count towards the $100 worth of trading volume on Netcoins.

Get a $10 credit once you trade $100 worth of crypto on Netcoins when you fund your account with dollars via interac e-transfer, online bill payment or bank wire transfer.

All credit card transactions facilitated by Simplex will be higher fees than if you were to fund your account directly with Interac e-Transfer, online bill payment or bank wire transfer.

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7 Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with INTERAC e-Transfer in Canada

Updated: December 7, 2021
buy bitcoin with interac e transfer

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INTERAC e-Transfer is a popular and easy way to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrency in Canada.

Popular Crypto Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with INTERAC e-Transfer in Canada

Buy Bitcoin Newton

Lots of alt coins available. Low spread.

Buy Bitcoin on Shakepay

Free withdraws on Bitcoin. Easy to use. Read the review.

Easy to use exhange.

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32 Crypto Subreddits for Canadians

When doing research — I always like to add the qualifier ‘Reddit’ to a few related Google searches to try and get more unbiased reviews about cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, scams and the laws / legality of crypto as a Canadian.

Crypto Related Subreddits

Here is my list of recommended subreddits I think you should check out when learning and researching crypto as a beginner.

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