How to Get a $30 Signup Bonus & Earn Free Bitcoin with Shakepay

Shaking sats.

Sats is short for satoshis, which is the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin.

This easter egg is only available to users who signed up to Shakepay via an referal or friend link.

How to activate Shakepay Shaking Sats Rewards Easter Egg

1. Sign up to Shakepay with a referral code –

2. Verify your account

3. Deposit $100 CAD into your Shakepay account

4. Start shaking for free sats.


Everyday open your Shakepay app on your phone, give it a good shake to earn some free Bitcoin.

Everyday you login and give your phone a shake you will earn more Bitcoin.

Shakepay Rewards

Keep the streak going to increase your earnings.

Yes, this sounds like a scam and like its too good to be true. But, I have been doing if for a number of months now and super happy with the results. I have been able to cash out my earnings.

When you sign up to Shakepay for the first time and make your initial $100 deposit, you will also receive a $30 CAD bonus into your account.

I have been using the free shaking sats earning to cover fees when buying Bitcoin.

Read more about the rewards on Shakepay’s website.

Referral code not working?

Go to:


It may take up to 24 hours for the $30 referral bonus to be added to your account.