Why Is It So Hard To Buy Crypto in Canada?

When I first tried to buy Bitcoin and crypto I went to the biggest exchanges that I had heard about (Coinbase and Binance) and found it impossible to send money to them from my Canadian bank account.

Even though I was able to create and verify my account and their websites said they support Canadian customers.

Then when I googled ‘how to buy crypto in Canada’ – a lot of the exchanges listed didn’t work in Canada. And it was obvious the site owner making these recommendations had never actually bought Bitcoin in Canada and was just trying to make money.

This frustration is actually what led me to start this website.

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Can I Buy $100 of Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy $100 of Bitcoin.

How much Bitcoin can I buy with $100?

You will receive 0.0027 BTC for $100 CAD.

This is at the current Bitcoin price of $37,412.78 CAD or $29,204.70 USD for 1 Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin is very volatile and can fluctuate up and down greatly.

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Can I Buy Bitcoin Directly From a Bank?

If you are looking where in your bank account to ‘Buy Bitcoin’ — you won’t find a button that makes it fast or easy.

NO big Canadian banks or brokers directly sell Bitcoin to their customers.

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