How To Buy Crypto on Newton and Send it to Your Wallet

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How To Buy Crypto on Newton and Send it to Your Wallet

Sign up to Newton and verify your account.

Choose from over 60 coins to buy, sell and trade on Newton.

Newton has low fees, is easy to use, and offers lots of altcoins to buy, sell and trade.

We rated Newton as the best all-around crypto exchange for Canadians.

How To Fund Your Newton Account

Click > Click to add funds icon or text.

Newton Dashboard

Choose how you want to fund your Newton account. INTERAC e-Transfer is the fastest, lowest fee, and easiest way. You can also fund your Newton account with Wire Transfer.

Enter the amount of $CAD you want to transfer to Newton.

Newton will send you a request for funds via etransfer.

Newton add funds etransfer

In my experience with Newton, transferring funds via etransfer is near instant.

After $CAD Newton has received your funds. Click the ‘Trade’ icon.

A slideout tab will appear. Select order type (Market Order or Limit Order).

Enter the $CAD amount or click Max to use all the funds.

Choose the crypto you would like to buy in the ‘For’ dropdown.

Newton Trade

I’ve entered the amount of $CAD I have in my account. Selected the crypto I wanted to buy (ETH). Newton shows how much ETH I will receive.

Click Review Trade > Confirm Trade

The Newton gives you will be valid for 7 seconds.

I can now see that the I bought has been added to my balance.

Click on the coin name (Ethereum) in my case, and Newton will show a more advanced trading view.

Withdraw Crypto from Newton to Your Wallet

Click > Withdraw icon.

Click > Crypto to Wallet

send to crypto wallet

Withdraw to External Wallet

Open up your wallet. Select the corresponding digital asset.

Copy the ‘Receive‘ address.

Select > amount of crypto you want to send to your wallet.

Choose > Network.

Enter > Send to address.

Confirm you are sending your funds to the correct address.

Click > Review Withdrawal > Send.

Wait a few minutes and the crypto should show up in your wallet.

If you send a coin on the wrong network or to the wrong wallet address it will be gone and will probably not be recoverable.

Depending on the coin you are sending and how busy that coin’s blockchain network is — you may be charged a withdrawal fee. I find this to be mostly true at peak times. But, most crypto I have withdrawn has been free on Newton.

Is Newton a Wallet?

No. Newton is a crypto exchange. A wallet generates 12 or 24 word seed phrase. This is how you custody your digital assets.

Leaving your cryptocurrency on exchanges is risky. It is always best to send your crypto to a wallet you control.

Backup Your Wallet

Before you send funds from Newton to your wallet — back up your wallet. This means you have written down your seed phrase.

You will need this seed phrase to access or recover your funds. Keep this phrase secure and never share it. Any who gets access to your wallet seed phrase will be able to access all your funds.

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Newton Summary

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Newton Fees

  • Deposits and withdrawals: $0
  • Spread: ~0.75% to 1.5%
  • Crypto withdrawal: Free up to $5 of network fees

Check Fees and Prices

Funding & Withdrawal Options

  • Interac E-Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Connect your bank account with Plaid

Cryptocurrencies: 70+

Newton Pros

  • Low spread fee on trades.
  • Easy to use and nice design.
  • Lots of altcoins to trade and more are always being added.
  • Multi-network support

Newton Cons

  • Verifying an account when signing up can take time.
  • Can have difficulty at peak times.
  • Customer service can be overwhelmed and take time to respond or you need to post on the Newton subreddit to get help.

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