How To Fund Coinbase Canada

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Fund Coinbase Canada
Fund Coinbase Canada

When I first set up my Coinbase account, I ended up just going in a loop of Reddit, Coinbase help, and Google searches trying to figure out how to fund my Coinbase account so I could buy some Bitcoin.

If you are Canadian you will need to use a Canadian crypto exchange like Shakepay or Newton to send money from your bank to a crypto exchange.

Interac e-Transfer is the easiest, fastest, lowest fee way for most people.

Now, once you have converted your $ CAD to crypto on a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange — you can send your crypto to Coinbase.

You will be able to stake, trade it for altcoins, and use Coinbase Advanced if you are a trader.

To cash out your Coinbase account, you will then need to send crypto from Coinbae to a Canadian exchange (Shakepay or Newton).

Convert it to Canadian dollars, and deposit it into your bank account via eTransfer or Wire Transfer.

I think the confusion for us Canadians is around the term ‘Debit card’.

To some American banks and Coinbase — a debit card is a different thing than an eTranfser. Even though in Canada an Interac eTransfer is a debit card. Now that I have researched this more — I still don’t understand it.

But, I do know that I can send crypto to Coinbase to trade.