Top Crypto Referral Codes

Welcome to the deals page! We are constantly updating Canadians with the best crypto exchange referral codes, app sign-up bonuses, and promos. We only recommend exchanges we have signed up for and used. We understand how nerve-racking it is to make a financial transaction with a new company. We want your first Bitcoin or crypto purchase to go well and to maximize your purchase value by using a referral code.

Featured Sign Up Bonus Promos

Get a signup bonus on your first crypto purchase! Use a referral code when signing up for the crypto exchange or app of your choice. Minimum purchase required. You must make your first deposit usually within 30 days of signup to receive the promo code signup bonus.


Get a $5 sign-up bonus. Shakepay is a great exchange for beginners. View Shakepay Referral Code ➞


Get $25 sign-up bonus. Newton is great for ease of use, low spread fee, and lots of altcoins. View Newton Referral Code ➞


Get $20 sign-up bonus. Bitbuy is one of Canada’s safest crypto exchanges. View Bitbuy Referral Code ➞
Get $25 sign-up bonus. is a fully featured trading platform, crypto debit card, and defi wallet. View Referral Code ➞

Get $20 sign-up bonus. VirgoCX is great for ease of use, low spread fee, and lots of altcoins. View VirgoCX Referral Code ➞

Bitcoin Well
Get $0 sign-up bonus. Bitcoin Well is a Bitcoin only, non-custodial BTC exchange. View Bitcoin Well Referral Code ➞


Get $10 USD in BTC when you download and use the Kraken app. View Kraken Referral Code ➞


Get $25 sign-up bonus. Netcoins is an easy-to-use exchange. Deposit USD into a Canadian bank account. View Netcoins Referral Code ➞


The promotion is no longer available. Coinbase is an easy-to-use exchange. View Coinbase Referral Code ➞


Get $10 sign-up bonus. NDAX is good for trading larger amounts with low spread fees. View NDAX Referral Code ➞


Win $5 to $3K cash. Wealthsimple lets you trade Bitcoin, and stocks in one app. View Wealthsimple Referral Code ➞


Get $20 sign-up bonus. CoinSmart has a low spread fee. View CoinSmart Referral Code ➞

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Got questions? Here are some of the most common ones asked and answered.

What is a referral code?

A referral code is a type of special link that has a unique combination of numbers and letters. To participate in a referral program, such as a refer-a-friend program simply click the link.

Timeframe to claim the bonus?

Most referral codes will only be valid 30 days after you signup. Some promos are only valid if you sign up directly with the referral link.

Account verification?

You need to verify your identity to get the signup bonus at a crypto exchange. This includes uploading your ID, a bill and possibly scanning your face.

How to deposit and withdraw $ dollars to an exchange?

INTERAC e-Transfer is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to send and receive money from your bank account to the exchange. Wire transfers and bank drafts can also be used.

How to a find my referral code to refer a friend?

Signup and verify your account. Go to the setting of your account to find your referral link. Share this link with your friend and when they signup and make the minimum deposit you both will get the bonus.

Minimum purchase?

You will need to deposit and purchase a minimum amount of crypto to get the signup bonus. Most exchanges’ minimum deposit/trade to claim the promo bonus is $100 but can be higher like Bitbuy at $250.

Can I refer my friends to earn money?

Yes. Navigate to your account setting to find your referral link. Both you and your friend will get a bonus when they use your referral code.

Already signed up and forgot to use the referral code?

Some exchanges like Shakepay will let you add a referral code up to 30 days after signup. Check the exchange knowledge base or contact support. NDAX on the other hand won’t let you add a referral code after signup