Kraken Referral Code

Join me on Kraken and we can both get $10 in Bitcoin.

To sign up go to:

Kraken Referral Program allows you to earn a $10 USD referral bonus. Once you sign up for Kraken using your invite link and buys or sells $100 USD in crypto.

Referrals are currently available on the Kraken app. Buys or sells made on Kraken Pro do not count towards eligibility for receiving a referral bonus.

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Netcoins Referral Code (Get $25 Sign Up Bonus)

Affiliate Disclaimer – we earn from qualifying purchases.
Netcoins referral code

Buy $100 worth of cryptocurrency on Netcoins and get $25.

You will need to verify your account and be a Canadian citizen to be eligible to claim the Netcoins referral code reward.

This can be done in a single transaction or spread out between multiple transactions.

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