Shakepay Shaking Sats – How to Shake & Earn Bitcoin Rewards

Everything you need to know about Shakepay Shaking Sats!


Shaking Sats Shakepay

Sats is short for satoshis, which is the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).

This easter egg is only available to users who signed up with a Shakepay referral code or referred a friend.

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How Do I Get Free Bitcoin on Shakepay?

  1. Sign up to Shakepay with a referral link –
  2. Verify your account
  3. Deposit $100 CAD into your Shakepay account
  4. Start shaking for free sats everyday

Shakepay Referral Code

Use this link and get $30 and unlock Shaking Sats Rewards!


Every day open your Shakepay app on your phone and give it a good shake to earn some free satoshis (Bitcoin).

Keep the streak going to increase your earnings. Every day you log in and give your phone a shake you will earn more Bitcoin.

Shakepay Rewards

Yes, this sounds like a scam and it’s too good to be true. But, I have been doing it for a number of months now and am super happy with the results. I have been able to cash out my earnings.

When you sign up to Shakepay for the first time and make your initial $100 deposit, you will also receive a $30 CAD bonus into your account.

I have been using the free shaking sats earning to cover fees when buying Bitcoin.

How to Shake on Shakepay

  1. Open Shakepay App
  2. Shake Your Phone
How to Shake

On my android phone, I give my phone a long slow up and down shake.

My friend just shakes her wrist a little to make it work on her iPhone.

It took a bit for me to figure out what motion worked best to activate my device.

At the start, I was shaking my phone like a madman. That wasn’t necessary and just a simple slow-up and motion was all I needed to do.


Streaks are how many days in a row your shake your phone to earn sats. The longer your streak the higher your free satoshi rewards will be.

Miss a day and the amount you earn each day will reset back to day 1.

Don’t worry – you will still be able to keep the Bitcoin you earned up until your streak reset and start building it up again.


Rewards on day 1 start at 100 satoshis. Shakepay shaking sats rewards current maximum is 1000 satoshis on day 200 of a streak. These rewards are subject to change at any time.

Yes, this means you can earn free Bitcoin on your phone.

View The Rewards Table.

Referral Code Not working?

Go to:


It may take up to 24 hours for the $30 referral bonus to be added to your account.

Forgot to Add a Referral Code?

You can add a referral code up to 30 days after signup.

Go to:

Don’t have a Shakepay referral code?

Use referral code: and we both get $30!

Do I need to refer a friend to get shaking sats?

You can use a referral link to sign up to Shakepay or refer a friend to activate ‘shaking sats rewards’.

How often can you shake on Shakepay?

You can shake your phone every 24 hours. It resets at midnight.

Shakepay shaking not working?

Delete the app and reinstall it.

Or change your shake motion. Try slow, long shakes. Try holding the phone vertically or horizontally. Try fast little wrist rotation wiggles.

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