Shakepay vs Newton

shakepay vs newton

Shakepay vs Newton TL;DR: Shakepay

I recommend beginners buying Bitcoin in Canada use Shakepay as their first app / website to buy some crypto.

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Simple. Free withdrawals. Shaking sats rewards make a sweet deal.

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Nice design. Low spread fees when buying. Lots more coins to trade / buy.

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Preface: I have only made a few hundred dollar deposits and withdrawals via interac e-transfer on both of these exchanges. I do like both exchanges… but I need to pick a winner. This post will be updated. Learn How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada Here →

Compare Shakepay vs Newton

Shakepay Exchange
Newton Exchange

Ease of Use

Easy. Would recommend it for beginners.

Easy. Would recommend it for beginners.

Sign Up Bonus

Get a $10 sign up bonus with $100 deposit. Shaking Sats Rewards.

Get a $25 sign up bonus with $100 deposit.


Bitcoin, Ethereum

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DOGE, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, USD Coin, and QCAD

Limit Orders

Has Limit buy & sell orders.

Coming Soon

Customer Service



Deposit & Withdraw Options

Interac e-Transfer, wire transfers, crypto

Interac e-Transfer, wire transfers, pre-authorized debit, crypto


~1% – 2%
Check Prices

Check Prices

Transfer Fees

Covers fees to deposit to your wallet

Surge pricing. Covers $5. Read More.


Refer friends, get $10. Shaking Sats Rewards.

Refer friends, get $25.



2FA with Authy, SMS

Device Support

Web, IOS, Android

Web, IOS, Android

Design / UI


Very Nice

Social Media


Simplicity and shaking satoshi rewards. Has Limit buys & sells. Covers network fees for deposits to wallet.

Nice design. Low spread fees when buying. Lots more coins to trade / buy.


*Prices and fees are subject to change. Compare more cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada.

Why Trust This Comparison / Review

You should NOT trust this Shakepay vs Newton comparison.

You should always do your research when it comes to cryptocurrency and other financial decisions.

I am just a random guy on the internet who likes Bitcoin. Sharing my experience and research so beginners get more perspective on navigating and starting in this space that can be confusing.

My goal is to bring so clarity and simplicity for beginners buying Bitcoin in Canada.

I have been using both exchanges for about a year.

Review Criteria

Getting started in cryptocurrency can be a lot of new terminology to learn, websites and apps to download and sign up for.

This review is geared to a very beginner who just wants to buy some Bitcoin in as few steps as possible, leasts fees as possible, and maximizes rewards / bonuses.

Learn some risks or common beginner debates so you don’t to help you when deciding on an exchange and debating between Shakepay vs Newton to make your first crypto purchase.

Beginner Friendly

Does it pass the Mom test?

That is basically what I am looking to do. A process that I would tell less tech savvy users to get their first Bitcoin.


Both web / apps designs are nice, simple and modern.

Any complexity or confusion seems to be from general clunkiness of the whole crypto space as it is still an early tech in development. Everyone is still learning.

I like that Newton is a dark mode design.

The Shakepay website is lacking compared to the Newton website but has been evolving lots over the last year.

I like the simplicity of service Shakepay offers. It is simple on ramp and off ramp of BTC and ETH in Canada.


I would recommend both exchanges to friends.

Both Shakepay and Newton are active on Reddit and Twitter answering customers’ questions and issues.

My support tickets have been answered and I have no reason not to trust either exchange at this time.

I regularly read comments on Reddit and social media to gauge customer sentiment and how long it is taking for transactions to process on different exchanges and any support or liquidity issues that may be cause for concern.

Customer Service

I have contacted the support at both companies and had a response within 24 hours.

My issues were resolved and/or questions were answered.

Recently due to the influx of new customers there may be slight delays with new signups, deposits and support tickets.


Both Shakepay and Newton offer 2FA (2 Factor Authentication).

Newton requires the app Authy which is made by Twilio for 2FA.

It would be nice to have the option to be able to use Google Authenticator for this step.

Fees / Spread

Shakepay covers the fees of sending Bitcoin to your wallet.

This is nice for simplicity and clarity. They charge a slightly larger spread to exchange Canadian dollars ($ CAD) for Bitcoin ฿.

Newton has a surge pricing. They previously covered the fees to send to your wallet.

The spread is lower (cheaper) for buying crypto on Newton than Shakepay but Newton may charge a small fee for withdrawals.

Account Setup & Authentication

The process of authenticating my ID to comply with Canadian KYC laws was easier and faster on Shakepay. It took multiple attempts on Newton to authenticate my info.

This process on both exchanges may have been updated or changed since I first created my account.

Shakepay vs Newton Conclusion

Shakepay vs Newton are both good and safe exchanges to buy your crypto in Canada.

Sign up to both. Choosing an exchange is not a binary choice.

Fees and spreads are always changing. It is best to be able to make your purchases at the best price when you are buying or selling Bitcoin.

It also gives me ease of mind being able to have more than one on and off ramp for buying and selling crypto in Canada… you know… just in case.


For ease of use, sign up bonus value and and the warm fuzzy feeling I get from earning bitcoin daily from shaking my phone for sats (satoshis). Read how to activate Shaking Sats Rewards on your phone.

Shaking Sats on Phone

Shakepay is the WINNER in the 2021 Shakepay vs Newton review and comparison!